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The brokerage business is a practice that dates back to the beginning of human history based on organized communes

Through time and with the progress of humanity, the needs of different communities were increasing and simultaneously the transport and marketing methods were progressing

In the period in which caravans of merchants traveling with their goods, to the old sailing ships which were then exchanged for large cargo ships to modern cargo planes.

Forms of communication and contact between buyers and sellers also evolved over time.

Since the barter, through the creation of the currency to electronic transfers today.

Only one feature of national and international trade remained intact through the centuries. Honesty.

This frills is vital both for the development of any business, and for the creation of strong business relationships

And honesty is the main merchandise we have to offer in our company.

A commercial operation can be realized or fail for various reasons. Prices. Terms of payment. Extension of the contract. And others.

And the parties can continue their commercial contacts all the time that the parties remain confident in the other hand, as a result of honest and transparent behavior.

The main merchandise that Rozen Impex can provide is Honesty and Transparency.

We offer and undertake to carry out every negotiation with honesty and transparency to enable us to build a business relationship beneficial to all parties involved.

The list of products we offer may be found on our website.

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Our business is to provide our customers the products your market needs, locating them and adapting them to the requirements of your market, according to your instructions.